Foundation and values

The village of Solund rests its task management on the core values of the municipality of Skanderborg:

  • Openness
  • Courage
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Commitment
  • Decency

In the professional meeting with the individual resident in the village of Solund, we are shaped by the humanity and the educational understanding which lies in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching.

Gentle Teaching is a philosophical approach to the educational work, where the professional caregiver begins with himself by reflecting on his own ability to show gentleness, warmth and to be loving without any conditions.

People need to be supported – not adjusted. The professional concept of love is put in play from the perspectives of charity, maternal love and the professional love, where you help another human being to help him- or herself.

“Gentle Teaching penetrates from the surface and into the core. For me, the essence of Gentle Teaching is not to treat the symptoms – but that we go behind the act itself, and take a look at the feelings behind it. All in hopes of helping the person by treating the feeling rather the act.”

Trine Schierff, deputy director

Historical aspect

The village of Solund has gone through many stages in its development. It has a long history, which makes an interesting and colourful history as well. Through the years, the village has had different operators – first the municipality, then the state, the region and now it is run by the municipality again.

Originally Solund started out as a farm, and in 1885 the site was purchased by the municipality of Skanderborg. It became a part of the city park close to the lake and forest, and the main building served as a restaurant and hotel.

Solund then

Back in 1935 Solund was a state-owned institution which still ran a farm where the residents contributed to the work. Solund had about 550 residents and only 100 employees. The residents lived in rooms with 8-10 beds and had shared toilets and showers. Children, men and women lived separately in different departments. Solund consisted of a wide group of people, which included people with both minor and severe disabilities and developmental disabilities.

Solund today

A lot has happened since 1935. Today, Solund is considered to be a village – a community with activities and social life for likeminded people. The target residents is narrower than before – today it is defined by adults with significant and permanent mental and physical disabilities. Since 2007 Solund has been a part of the administration of the Municipality of Skanderborg. The village employs a staff of 700 people while the number of residents is around 232. Each resident has his or her own apartment with private bath and toilet in small common housing units.