Our village is located in the most beautiful surroundings and is still close to the town centre of Skanderborg.

The village of Solund offers both housing and activities for people with significant and lasting reduced mental and physical disabilities. We have a great spatial environment – both in terms of the newly renovated living units and the physical surroundings.

The residents in the village – as well as the visitors coming from outside – can explore the playgrounds, grass areas and the paths that take you through the forest and by the lake. Horses, goats and deer give life and movement to the green areas.

In addition, the residents at the village have the opportunities to take advantage of a wide range of offers such as the snoezelen house, The Golden Horn, the swimming pool, horseriding, the residentøs house as well as the traditional parties, which serve as the yearly highlights for many of the residents.

Our surroundings and activities provide the residents with the best conditions for growing and developing.

The residents in our village live in smaller living units, but there are all the benefits of a larger community by having a wide range of central services such as kitchen, cleaning and technical departments as well as an activity centre. Besides these service departments, we have a health team which includes nursing coverage, physiotherapy, an assigned psychiatrist as well as a special medical coverage from Region Midt.

The village of Solund has the perfect settings. It’s a good place to live.