Solund Museum gives you the possibility to gain insight into the development since the first residents moved in back in 1935. Here you can see various objects that are connected to the place, its residents and staff from the past to today.

The museum opened in 2005 and is currently being operated by former employees from the village of Solund, who all work on a volunteer basis.

“All the students can attest to the fact that their visit was a great experience with some very colourful communicators who know how to engage their listeners. So on my own and the students’ behalf, I once again thank you for the visit at your museum.”

Gitte Kongstad (lecturer at VIA University College)

The history

The oldest buildings in the village of Solund are the beautiful white pavilions from 1935. These were built when the central institution of Brejning was converted where many of the residents were moved to Solund. The residents lived here until the big relocation took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s, where many of the residents in the village moved out to boarding houses and group homes outside of Solund.

The residents who remained at Solund moved into the living units on Sortesøvej where the living conditions were improved with the opportunity for one’s own room, bath and a common area in much more homey environments.


Sølund Museum
Dyrehaven 10A (Pavillon 1), loftet
8660 Skanderborg
Tlf.: 8794 8155 (i åbningstiden)

Onsdag i lige uger: kl. 13-15 eller efter aftale

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