The village of Solund have always excelled in both its large diversity as well as an individuality and community.

One of the most basic foundations in our set of values is the reversed integration – that our village is an open and dynamic place, in which we can bring culture, experiences and the outside world. The interaction with the surrounding society is paramount for the reversed integration can take place.

The idea of a village came about as we constitute a society within the society. It is important to us that the residents are not secluded from the surrounding society of Skanderborg. The people of Skanderborg explore our facilities and our residents participate in the city life: they go shopping alone or with a helper, they visit the library, the culture house and they can go on a boat ride on Skanderborg Lake with M/S Dagmar.

This idea of a reversed integration is based on the desire that our residents can have a life on their own terms – a life which is as optimal as possible. The notiojn of home extends beyond the boundaries of our village.

Visiting the village

We want to welcome the outside world, as well as make it aware of our presence on the area – and to maintain the individual needs that needs to be covered among the residents in the village. This approach is a condition when you live and work at the village of Solund.

There can be several reasons for you to visit our village – maybe you’re a family member to a future resident, an international guest, a student or maybe you can offer a good amount of experience and knowlegde to our field of expertise.

If you visit the village during a weekday, you are more than welcome to stop by the cafe at the Resident’s House (opening hours – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am and 1:30-3:30pm).

Other places to visit are:

  • The sensory gardens
  • Geocaching
  • The playground areas
  • Junges shelter