The village of Solund is enriched by having several different collaborators – this goes for the residents’ day-to-day lives and activities, the presence of the music festivals and the international guests.

The reversed integration always plays a significant role for the village’s comings and goings. We wish to offer the outside world welcome into our village, and to learn from the collaboration and interaction that takes place in the meeting between the two worlds.

International partners

The village of Solund cooperates on several areas across national boundaries.

Trainees, groups of students from universities and representatives from various organizations visit Solund on a regular basis. Staff members at Solund also travel abroad to both learn from other cultures as well as teach about subjects such as gentle teaching, snoezelen and other important aspects of the core task at hand which deals with creating the best lives as possible for the residents.

The international cooperation develops new knowledge and new techniques, helps evolve our skills and is an important aspect in making sure that the village of Solund is able to deliver a high level of professionalism for the benefit of the residents living in the village.

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