It is crucial for us that the village is in a continuous interaction with family members, volunteers, collaborators, the cultural and business side of Skanderborg, as well as the people of the town. We wish to invite the outside world in and integrate it into the village.

This form for reversed integration helps enrich the village a rich life with many daily visitors from both Skanderborg and other municipalities. This is especially due to our beautiful surroundings which includes sensory gardens, geocaching as well as animals and paths throughout the village.

Childminders and kindergartens, dog walkers and joggers are among the frequent guests in the village, and every year we have a midsummer celebration on the big lawn with a bonfire and festivities for the whole family. This celebration is for both the citizens of Skanderborg as well as the residents of the village.

The close network surrounding the individual resident also plays a vital part in our work in the village – and this goes for family members and the many kinds of volunteers who all play a big part in the residents’ lives.

Last, but not least – it is important for us to have a great working relationship with our many collaborators such as e.g. the two big music festivals that are held on our grounds every year. These festivals are both enrichment and challenge for the life lived in the village.