Our overall framework, the philosophy Gentle Teaching, helps qualify the professional dialogues in the village:

“Gentle Teaching promotes both understanding, inclusiveness, and essentially Gentle Teaching means that we continuously have to reflect on our own educational practice. To make sure that it is not our private needs that run the agenda – but the resident’s. It is important to reflect on one’s own skill, but also to reflect on what the educational perspective in our action is.”

Trine Schierff, deputy director

Methods and professional approaches

At the village of Solund, we make use of a lot of different methods and professional approaches in working with the individual resident. Our choice of methods rely on the individual’s needs, their possibilities of development and how we can make best of their ressources.

One of the strongest resources that we have in our village is the knowledge centre,, which is a collaboration between Skanderborg municipality and the village of Solund. Several professional and talented consultants work at the knowledge centre to collect, develop and communicate knowledge about the educational work which is carried out in the village. Additionally, the knowledge centre offers several courses in the difference approaches and methods.

A dynamic workplace

With around 650 employees at the village of Solund, it is important for us that our workplace remains dynamic and vibrant where the many different disciplines are in constant play. We have a continuous focus on the fact that our capabilities never stand still – this is done by creating a healthy amount of communication across the disciplines at the village, and each employee’s skills are used and involved in the residents’ everyday lives.

In our daily practice, we put emphasis on developing our skills and competences by sharing and communicating our knowledge to others’. This heightens our level of professionalism and helps make sure that we each share our expertise with our colleagues.