The village of Solund is a home for people with significant and lasting reduced mental and physical disabilities. There are 232 residents living in the village, and most of these people live their entire lives and everyday lives here. This places great demands to us and our multidisciplinary skills.

A wide range of professionals collaborate in the village of Solund to give all the residents care, security and a life with both challenges and experiences. Overall, we have many years of experience working with disabilities, a highly multidisciplinary level, and our own course- and consultant business ( The professional approaches and methods of our village support the residents in their development.

We strive to create a highly qualified level of problem-solving through developing our skills and communication our knowledge among the staff members in the village.

Based on our diverse and extensive experience, we also function as a VISO supplier, where we attend to problem-solving on a national basis at other similar places with the same target residents as Solund.