Here you can read a selection of the articles about living and working in the village.


Here you will find information about office hours, direct phone numbers and a map of the village.

+45 87 94 80 00

Monday – Thursday:  10am – 12pm and 13pm – 15pm

Friday: 10am – 12pm

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Direct phone numbers to the employees in the village of Solund (in Danish).

Collaboration across borders


The village of Solund is enriched by having several different collaborators – this goes for the residents’ day-to-day lives and activities, the presence of the music festivals and the international guests.

The reversed integration always plays a significant role for the village’s comings and goings. We wish to offer the outside world welcome into our village, and to learn from the collaboration and interaction that takes place in the meeting between the two worlds.

International partners

The village of Solund cooperates on several areas across national boundaries.

Trainees, groups of students from universities and representatives from various organizations visit Solund on a regular basis. Staff members at Solund also travel abroad to both learn from other cultures as well as teach about subjects such as gentle teaching, snoezelen and other important aspects of the core task at hand which deals with creating the best lives as possible for the residents.

The international cooperation develops new knowledge and new techniques, helps evolve our skills and is an important aspect in making sure that the village of Solund is able to deliver a high level of professionalism for the benefit of the residents living in the village.

You can read more about some of our international partners in these articles:

Sølund inspires the world by Majbritt Sørensen and Malina Müller (05-2015)

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Solund Museum


Solund Museum gives you the possibility to gain insight into the development since the first residents moved in back in 1935. Here you can see various objects that are connected to the place, its residents and staff from the past to today.

The museum opened in 2005 and is currently being operated by former employees from the village of Solund, who all work on a volunteer basis.

“All the students can attest to the fact that their visit was a great experience with some very colourful communicators who know how to engage their listeners. So on my own and the students’ behalf, I once again thank you for the visit at your museum.”

Gitte Kongstad (lecturer at VIA University College)

The history

The oldest buildings in the village of Solund are the beautiful white pavilions from 1935. These were built when the central institution of Brejning was converted where many of the residents were moved to Solund. The residents lived here until the big relocation took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s, where many of the residents in the village moved out to boarding houses and group homes outside of Solund.

The residents who remained at Solund moved into the living units on Sortesøvej where the living conditions were improved with the opportunity for one’s own room, bath and a common area in much more homey environments.


Sølund Museum
Dyrehaven 10A (Pavillon 1), loftet
8660 Skanderborg
Tlf.: 8794 8155 (i åbningstiden)

Onsdag i lige uger: kl. 13-15 eller efter aftale

Gratis entré

Reversed integration


The village of Solund have always excelled in both its large diversity as well as an individuality and community.

One of the most basic foundations in our set of values is the reversed integration – that our village is an open and dynamic place, in which we can bring culture, experiences and the outside world. The interaction with the surrounding society is paramount for the reversed integration can take place.

The idea of a village came about as we constitute a society within the society. It is important to us that the residents are not secluded from the surrounding society of Skanderborg. The people of Skanderborg explore our facilities and our residents participate in the city life: they go shopping alone or with a helper, they visit the library, the culture house and they can go on a boat ride on Skanderborg Lake with M/S Dagmar.

This idea of a reversed integration is based on the desire that our residents can have a life on their own terms – a life which is as optimal as possible. The notiojn of home extends beyond the boundaries of our village.

Visiting the village

We want to welcome the outside world, as well as make it aware of our presence on the area – and to maintain the individual needs that needs to be covered among the residents in the village. This approach is a condition when you live and work at the village of Solund.

There can be several reasons for you to visit our village – maybe you’re a family member to a future resident, an international guest, a student or maybe you can offer a good amount of experience and knowlegde to our field of expertise.

If you visit the village during a weekday, you are more than welcome to stop by the cafe at the Resident’s House (opening hours – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am and 1:30-3:30pm).

Other places to visit are:

  • The sensory gardens
  • Geocaching
  • The playground areas
  • Junges shelter

Knowledge centre:


The knowledge centre is a collaboration between Skanderborg municipality and the village of Solund. Professional and talented consultants work at the knowledge centre to collect, develop, generate and communicate knowledge about and from the educational work which is carried out at the village of Solund and other similar establishments in Denmark. also offers a number of interesting and relevant courses, seminars and conferences for everyone who works with people who have significant and lasting reduced mental and physical disabilities and/or other mental impairments (e.g people with dementia). originated from the old course department at the village of Solund. However, today is an independent entity that provides high-quality services across the country. The village of Solund also benefits from and its melting pot of expertise – the consultants offer many different things for the employees at the village – for example professional assistance, supervision and courses.

Visit the Danish website for here.

General manager: Jette Lund Lorenzen

+ 45 8794 8034

Approaches and skills


Our overall framework, the philosophy Gentle Teaching, helps qualify the professional dialogues in the village:

“Gentle Teaching promotes both understanding, inclusiveness, and essentially Gentle Teaching means that we continuously have to reflect on our own educational practice. To make sure that it is not our private needs that run the agenda – but the resident’s. It is important to reflect on one’s own skill, but also to reflect on what the educational perspective in our action is.”

Trine Schierff, deputy director

Methods and professional approaches

At the village of Solund, we make use of a lot of different methods and professional approaches in working with the individual resident. Our choice of methods rely on the individual’s needs, their possibilities of development and how we can make best of their ressources.

One of the strongest resources that we have in our village is the knowledge centre,, which is a collaboration between Skanderborg municipality and the village of Solund. Several professional and talented consultants work at the knowledge centre to collect, develop and communicate knowledge about the educational work which is carried out in the village. Additionally, the knowledge centre offers several courses in the difference approaches and methods.

A dynamic workplace

With around 650 employees at the village of Solund, it is important for us that our workplace remains dynamic and vibrant where the many different disciplines are in constant play. We have a continuous focus on the fact that our capabilities never stand still – this is done by creating a healthy amount of communication across the disciplines at the village, and each employee’s skills are used and involved in the residents’ everyday lives.

In our daily practice, we put emphasis on developing our skills and competences by sharing and communicating our knowledge to others’. This heightens our level of professionalism and helps make sure that we each share our expertise with our colleagues.

The surroundings


The physical surroundings in the village of Solund are not only the most beautiful surroundings with forrest and lake – it is also very much a matter of the impressive buildings on the area.

The current building lot in the village of Solund is at 30.941 square metres, and consists mainly of the original buildings from the 1930s and the living units on Sortesøvej from the mid 1970s. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a major development and change in the village with the renovation of the living units.

We focus on making our village as open and inviting as possible – this applies for both the facilities and the green areas.

Whether you love walking around in the beautiful nature or explore the area on horseback – or if you would rather visit the swimming pool, cafe or the snoezelen house – our facilities and surroundings provide our residents and guests with the possibilities for most favourite activities.



We strive to have offers which provides the resident with the opportunity to grow and evolve.

The village of Solund offers a versality which is expressed in many different ways – and this is also evident when it comes to the many activities and offers which the residents are able to partake in.

Some of our activity offers are a part of the specific package which the resident is provided with at enrollment at the village. One resident might have the need for some adapted stimuli at the snoezelen house, The Golden Horn. Another resident might profit from a horseback ride or a trip to the swimming pool.

Focus is on the individual needs and ressources to ensure that the choice of activities support the resident’s evolvement.

The living units

The living units

There are 14 separate living units in the village of Solund. The living units are placed in independent units on Sortesøvej.

Each unit consists of two houses with a joint administrator, who is responsible for the administrative, professional and personnel management.

Every single unit is individually planned from the residents and employees who create the day to day life in unison.

We do our very best to accomodate each resident and the special needs she or he has. A way to do this is also keeping in mind where the individual resident is housed – and making sure that we create living units with likeminded people that can benefit the most from each other’s company.