In 2014 a dedicated process took place to define the mission and vision of the village of Solund.


The village of Solund creates the possibilities and the framework for people with special and individual needs to experience meaningful and significant lives with the focus of influence and the ability to cope with one’s own daily life.

With the individual person at the center – the village of Solund facilitates cooperation with the individual’s network.

Multi-disciplinary efforts create the conditions for the village to create knowledge and accommodate the individual’s possibilities for development at a highly qualified level.

The village of Solund includes the community and cooperate with relevant stakeholders in the surrounding society.

Through a development of skills and dissemination of knowledge, we create a highly qualified level of problem solving.

Vision 2025

With the individual person at the centre, we create a benchmark knowledge based on a unique special educational and evidence-based practice – both nationally and internationally.

We improve individual and joint possibilities for expression and development for people with special needs and we are driven by a highly specialized and multi-disciplinary environment.

Some of our strongest and most active affiliates are the relatives and close community – which is the case for both the individual person and the village of Solund as a whole.

Openness and transparency is an objective in the development of all professional and organizational aspects in the village.

Relevant players prefer the Village of Solund when it comes to cooperation on the development of technologies in welfare and information.